"My anxiety and stress have diminished immensely and a sense of peace has replaced it"
Dent the Universe Online Seminar

"My anxiety and stress have diminished immensely and a sense of peace has replaced it"

Hello Fellow Quest Seekers, 

Prior to this Covid pandemic, I was forging ahead after a very toxic relationship. 
There were all three cases of abuse: Emotional, sexual (absence) and heading towards physical. He was a classic narcissist. 

Once I managed to dig myself out of that messy situation I realized my boss was also a narcissist. I left the salon after 10 years. In fact, many people of the people I surrounded myself with either were narcissists or possessed those particular traits. 
It was time to get my shit together and really evaluate my path in life. 

The pandemic gave me, as well, as everyone else the gift of time. I began my healing and Mindvalley was instrumental. 
I became a member because so many of the quests appealed to me. It has been the best investment. 
The investment in oneself. I prefer the gentleness of the format but the content is powerful. 

Dent the Universe not only verified that I was well on my way in spiritual and personal growth but gave me HUGE insight to solidify why this Mindvalley journey was so crucial. 

Dr. Rao shook my concept of the where the universe existed. My acceptance level in everything has increased 10 fold. 
My anxiety and stress have diminished immensely and a sense of peace has replaced it. 

Amazing! I look forward to many more revelations through other quests.

Julia Ann Brown

Master Stylist and Energy Work

Collingwood, Canada

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