Dent the Universe Online Seminar

"I realized that crafting yourself is very important"

I'm Leonora originally from the Philippines. Now living in the US for over 30 years. 

Before this program, I never thought that I know who really I am and my purpose. 
Thank you for the program and I realized that crafting yourself is very important. Awareness and exercising gratitude and appreciation for what is around you will help you find your passion and purpose in your life. 

As a real estate advisor, building my cathedral by coaching and directing and guiding people on how to own a home and giving impact to the community by giving back. importance of sharing a home through housing disabled professionals gives hope to the homelessness.

Leonora Cruz

Real estate advisor

San Jose, United States

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Dent the Universe Online Seminar

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Julia Ann Brown

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Dent the Universe Online Seminar

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Manasi Kelkar

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Dent the Universe Online Seminar

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Suchitra Balaji

Healer, Speaker, Coach

Austin, United States

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