"I'm so happy that I took this program"

"I'm so happy that I took this program"

My consciousness with health and body started after I quit working (after 25 years) and decided it was now a time to focus on the mind, body and soul. So, my life before the Wildfit quest was that of a person who was already aware of the benefits of exercise and conscious eating. 

Hence, when I came across the WildFit Masterclass, I was in two minds if this program would add any value to me. I'm an ardent fan of the Mindvalley platform (this is my 5th program) and am also subscribed to the Mindvalley All Access and have also gifted 2 All Access subscriptions, to my sister and a friend. In addition to my patronage to this platform and Vishen, I found Eric an extremely compelling speaker. His enthusiastic and infectious personality gave me an impression that there was more to learn. 

I'm so happy that I took this program because it has honestly opened my eyes to various aspects of life that we taken for granted. As Eric mentions, I think I've learnt the true freedom over food in this program. Additionally, I have been able to apply the learnings of this program to other aspects of life....I realized the Angel and the Devil conversations are not just related to food, but to all other parameters of life where there is an uncertainty in your mind, and this WildFit challenge has helped me take those conversations and consequently, my self discipline to a new level. 

I love this program and I wish Eric, this platform and the entire team a lot of success to propagate the message of conscious eating and self awareness to make this planet a much healthier place.

Simi Naik


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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