Unlocking Transcendence

"So far this program has/is taking me on an amazing journey"

Jeffrey was great. He was sincere and present. He was very healthful and did an outstanding job from start to finish helping people elevate themselves to a higher calling within themselves.

He also shared his own experience as we went through the course. We all learned from him and each other. Jeff was a loving guide.

He is much more than those words. You might say that I am seeing his greatest good that is continually evolving.


United States

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Unlocking Transcendence

"I have had so many people tell me that I have a glow"

Finding Mindvalley was a complete game-changer and when I finished my first Quest with Jeffrey Allen, I was forever a changed person. I saw everyday life differently and although I found myself at times, falling into old patterns, I was made aware very quickly and I "snapped out of it" just as fast!
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Elisheva Richmond


Or Akiva, Israel

Unlocking Transcendence

"This program is a milestone in my life”

Unlocking Transcendence opens up new ways of thinking and spirituality. It's enormous and empowering. And most of all; Jeffrey Allen is a great teacher who reaches the heart of everyone. I deeply love this program and I am very grateful that I could be a part of it! ...
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Franziska Hegner


Unlocking Transcendence

"Jeffrey Allen's courses are all about furnishing the participants with "tools" that they can continue to use”

I tend to find that the "Jeffrey" courses I have done creep quietly into my everyday practice and experience and I often revisit parts that I feel would be helpful in certain circumstances. ...
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Jane Morgan

United States

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