Unlocking Transcendence

“As early as the first days into the program with Jeffrey Allen, I felt I had a brand new access to my brain”

I've experienced a few healings throughout the Unlocking Transcendence program with Jeffrey Allen. However, the most significant one for me, was definitely giving myself permission to tap into my long time shattered innate need to dream and access my once very vivid imagination...

I was brought up in a very rigid manner, which was devastating for the highly sensitive artistic soul I was/am. 

My early school report cards had, throughout the years, the same redundant comments that got me in trouble at home. ''We don't know where she is, she is dreaming all the time, or is she on the moon? She does not pay attention and does not seem to follow… 

Soon enough, the pressure to perform and answer unrealistic expectations gave way to immense anxiety and fear, as I disconnected from my senses, shut down and became bored to death with school, solely thinking about how I could escape punishment…

My artistic expression also took another direction as I was learning, from my early teens on, with a retired Beaux-Arts classical teacher the art of painting.
I was taught to reproduce the 20th century master's paintings or objects placed in front of me, but, I quickly realized I could not draw a mouse on my own or any imagery coming from my inner world… I could have become a very good forger, a forger without a soul…

As early as the first days into the program with Jeffrey Allen, I felt I had a brand new access to my brain. A trunk of old memories started surfacing, sensations, colors, odors, déjà vu situations, just to realize that the exhilarating joy of having and giving myself the permission was in itself a blessing. 

Furthermore, knowing that in the end, imagination was not only ok but the way to go, was awesome! LOL! Some days I felt literally in shock, timidly peeking at the endless possibilities that suddenly unfolded and realizing it had been there all that time, locked up, like I had felt for most of my life, in a dark room without escape.

Not only I have found access, but I no longer have to hide away or censure the sudden disburses of my imagination, nor feel ridiculed, nor beat myself up for giving voice to my inner world and experience a new form of active meditation, healing, and ultimately love for myself.

Since taking the program, I was propelled stronger towards one of my passions, animal communication. As I have now integrated the concept and experienced how imagination guides the experience, intuition and channelling, I understand better how they are intimately linked by the magic and power of imagination and intention. The impact is huge!!!

I intend to go through the program many times again, because of the endless unfolding possibilities now discovered when accessing my ''room'', my mind. I also have a renewed desire to keep in touch with myself and above all, tap into my power, the power of my mind, soul and spirit in order to better shape my life and hopefully the world around me. NAMASTE.


United States

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Unlocking Transcendence

"Every single day was a new step forward in self-discovery"

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Unlocking Transcendence

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Unlocking Transcendence

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Retired College Lecturer & Self employed Hair Beauty & Holistics

Dolgellau, United Kingdom

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