"I credit starting Unlimited Abundance with helping manifest RTT with Marisa Peer"
Unlimited Abundance

"I credit starting Unlimited Abundance with helping manifest RTT with Marisa Peer"

I credit starting Unlimited Abundance with helping manifest RTT with Marisa Peer. I have never spend this kind of money on myself and I always see money as tight and scarce and if I use it, I will waste it, so I barely go big. My partner keeps the family on a frugal budget and I get an allowance. That's it. So I was able to see the free Masterclass and the special offer. I say I was able touse PayPal credit. This has been my best friend. When I initially got allowance and opened a debit checking account to order items online, I was limited with my options, then PayPal credit came along. I was able to order items and budget base on upcoming allowances. Then I god a credit card in my name a few years ago for just me. I was raised and married someone with the ideal that you pay off your monthly statement; no credit debt or interest. It is okay to have interest free items as long as it is paid off before due. 

Well, to shorten this tale, I managed to purchase Unlimited Abundance recordings with great positivity and a hunt of worry. I dove in. Then I say a free Masterclass with Marisa Peer for Unlimited Life. I knew this was for me. I have been self evaluating, discovering, improving reverently since a blowing domestic violent situation slapped me into a resurrection. But I just spend money I barely thought I can afford, how can this be possible? I followed the suggested guidelines and was on lesson 3. Christy asked for us to set an intention to manifest. I did. It was to be able to have Marisa Peer's Mindvalley Hypnotherapy. Guess what? It happened, by some glitchy flook. I saw another Masterclass Class with her and another course; RTT. So unexpected unexplainable tech freezes and clicks lead to an affordable price and me accidentally pressing to pay for the course it full with direct withdrawal from my checking. I freaked out, worried and how can I possible afford this? I thought I could if I sacrificed and budget I could do it in payments like Unlimited Abundance, but now, all at once, with my credit card statement due to use all my current allowance? I sat down, analyzed by books and future payments and saw it was possible. The Universe gifted me a way. I was just playing small with myself when all along I wanted to be bigger. Thank you Universe and thank you Mindvalley. - Leuana

Leuana Junor

Secondary English Teacher

Miramar, United States

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Unlimited Abundance

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Diane L Jordan

Flight attendant

Sun Lakes, United States

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