Unlimited Abundance

"I could feel my confidence rising"

Christie is a really strong psychic. I really liked how she could really tap in and I could feel how she could tap into different areas of my body. That was really amazing. I could feel my confidence rising. 


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Unlimited Abundance

“I have manifested a check for $5,000 that I didn't expect, and another for $2500”

I have changed my way of thinking and my expectations as a result of this course. I started a website and have 2 more in progress. They pertain to things that are fulfilling to me. I have manifested a check for $5,000 that I didn't expect, and another for $2500 that I didn't expect. My bills were...
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Jennifer Raggi

Orlando, United States

Unlimited Abundance

"Right away I would do very well and leave with min. of $500.00"

I live in a place where there are many gaming casinos in my area. If I listened to Christy's Abundance meditation before going to a casino, I always did very well. As soon as I would get there I would look around and try to notice which machine was catching my attention. Right away I would...
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Michele Otten


Reno, United States

Unlimited Abundance

"I have greatly improved my relationship to money"

Before the programme, I had already worked a great deal on limiting beliefs, patterns, etc. around money. Since I worked through the course, I have greatly improved my relationship to money in many respects and I feel so much relief letting go of old stories of the past. Now I am studying M...
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Claudia Duncan

Director Aqua Vitalis Ltd.

Ratzeburg, Germany

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