Unlimited Abundance

"I could feel my confidence rising"

Christie is a really strong psychic. I really liked how she could really tap in and I could feel how she could tap into different areas of my body. That was really amazing. I could feel my confidence rising. 


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Unlimited Abundance

"My salary has grown 30%"

My salary has grown 30% each time when I change my job and before the job-hopping, I will always listen to Christie Marie Sheldon's courses and do mini assignments.
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Hanyah Chan

Inside Sales

Singapore, Singapore

Unlimited Abundance

“I am ecstatic and bowing in deep gratitude to your work”

Thank you a thousand times over for the opportunity to take the audio version of your course. Week ONE...After session one, I literally "downloaded" the marketing content for a new business flyer in less than 10 minutes of writing time. After session two, I wrote my first professional b...
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United States

Unlimited Abundance

"Christine is fantastic to find exactly some of my old patterns and block

Christine is fantastic to find exactly some of my old patterns and blocks, and the content is interesting and inspiring. I can also feel a very big change in how I do feel energy, the light etc. and it is very helpful and usable for me in my daily life. And then I believe much more i...
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Malene Hjortflod


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