"I am now equipped with the habits that I will use in my daily life"
The Habit of Ferocity

"I am now equipped with the habits that I will use in my daily life"

I'm truly grateful for this program because it serves as a road map in my life long journey. I am now equipped with the habits that I will use in my daily life.

Zaldy Valenzuela


Las Vegas, United States

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The Habit of Ferocity

"I approach things now with a different mindset"

Since skill can be acquired through grit and practice, one of the most significant learnings for me on this quest, means that I can ultimately experience that sense of flow in areas I feel anxiety towards. And for me, that means starting to vulnerably put myself out there.
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Rob Hough

United States

The Habit of Ferocity

"My confidence and self belief grew. My vision got bigger and brighter."

My determination to wake up the women over 60 and say "I know being born in the 50s meant you probably didn't get the opportunity to live your best life, but you still can, it's not too late" grew. If we have the courage and desire to be the best we can be, everything is possible.
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Cate Williams

Founder After60.com.au

Southport, Australia

The Habit of Ferocity

"Very grateful for the connections and the lessons"

Steven Kottler taught us about Flow, finding our Flow profile as part of this. At the end, I'd manifested a new magazine, published 2 issues, and identified in a potent where ( and how) I choose to focus in order to make the difference I am called to make. I love my work, I love my life and..,
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Zola De Firmian

Business owner- Business coach consultant for new paradigm change-makers

Creston, United States

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