"Lisa's program taught me how to express the deeper story"
Speak and Inspire

"Lisa's program taught me how to express the deeper story"

Lisa's clarity and the ease of each experience building upon the next. I could digest the lessons and be relieved of being so self-conscious.
I've always known that there are reasons for why I make emotive works on paper. Lisa's program taught me how to express the deeper story. It was a challenge to face the little kid who was too shy to speak and to give her a speaking voice. As a visual artist, I consider it my life's work to reach people and get them to make an emotional connection with an object. It turns out that I needed to make that emotional connection with myself first. 
My first powerpoint artist talk has over 2k views, which in my world is astonishing! I'm proud that I did my first presentation and had such a positive response. I could not have made the connections or faced my resistance without the guidance of Lisa's program and the loving support of the Speak and Inspire community. Watching everyone improve every day was truly inspiring!
Keep up the good work at Mindvalley! I love having these opportunities to grow and learn.


United States

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