"This Quest changed my life"
The Silva Ultramind System

"This Quest changed my life"

Decided to enrol for the Silva Ultramimd System after I ended up watching Vishen’s Master Class! How ??? I Don’t Even know to be honest! The Universe got me there at the right time and day! Have never heard of Vishen before! But it was one of the best experiences in years! Have been practising Minfldfullness for years! Have helped thousands of people with mental issues and severe illnesses but only through positive way of life! Meaning the long and harder way! This Quest Changed my life further 100%, I love reading books and love investing time into my SELFGROWTH daily - but Silva Ultramimd System was life changing- for me! I used to meditate an hour a day, now I use Vishens 6 Phase Meditaton and loooove it! But what’s Magical is Thanks to this Quest and his Magical Energy and Enthusiasm I got obsessed with it too!

I do the 3 SCENE TECHNIQUE- at least 5 times per day for different things! Has become MY MAGICAL TOOL FOR EVERYTHING and ANYTHING! Not even joking! I heal my body from JUST ONE of these TECHNIQUES- if I feel slight discomfort- I do it- and then AM MAGICALLY CURED from just One 5 min Practice! I WAnt to attract new clients - I use the technique! Have even used that particular Technique even with other people not present and has Donne the trick! Not few but from only One Practice! I am Very positive person - but since this Quest my beliefs are on another cosmic Level! 

Thank You Vishen - thank you that The Universe sent me on your page at the right time and day! Then Michael Beckwith’s QUEST Took me even closer and finding out my SOULPRINT! 

Can’t thank Mindvalley enough every single day for my further SELF GROWTH! Blessed and beyond! So thank you All at Mindvalley! Have done so many Quests and have reads Vishen’s both books all in Lockdown! 

Thank you 🙏🏻❤️! Blessings Love And Light

Lora Venables

Personal Trainer

London, United Kingdom

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