The New York Times on Jose Silva
The Silva Ultramind System

The New York Times on Jose Silva

A recent study by Trinity University, San Antonio, Tex. would appear to indicate that graduates of Mind Control do attain a high degree of Alpha production. C. W. Post College, Greenvale, L. I., is planning to offer the course at its business school this fall and Canisius College will offer it in its Department of Religious Studies.

A visit to a Mind Control class in New York discloses more stockbrokers than bearded way outs and the dress style is closer to Brookes Brothers than to the East Village. A major New York company has sent all its top executives through the course and its president, a hard-headed businessman is seriously thinking of instituting an in-house training program for all employees. He refused to speak for the record, saying, We think there is something there, but I don’t want to alarm our stockbrokers at the moment.

Other businessmen are not so reluctant. Lee Epstein, a vice- president and art group supervisor at Doyle Dane Bernbach volunteered: “It opened the gates for me. It has re-energized me, made me more creative and yet more relaxed. I practice it every day and get better and better at my job and my life."

The New York Times


New York, United States

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The Silva Ultramind System

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Ingrid Gibson

Sr. Structured Derivatives Analyst

London, United Kingdom

The Silva Ultramind System

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Kay K Morris

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The Silva Ultramind System

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Sheri/Sharon Cotterman

Retired Locomotive Engineer

Fort Wayne, United States

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