"My health is so much better, and my mind clearer"
The Silva Ultramind System

"My health is so much better, and my mind clearer"

I love the Silva Method and have been using it for years. I was introduced to the Silva method shortly after I had just retired from working in a Federal Penitentiary, as a criminal investigator. 
Needless to say, I was pretty messed up after 20 plus years of living a nightmare, but I survived. 

The life span for a prison worker after retirement is 3-5 years, due to high levels of stress, and I was pickled in these juices. I was a mess. 

Using the Silva Method I have managed to beat the odds and celebrate nine years of retirement. My health is so much better, and my mind clearer. I love life and laughing, plus I have dreams and goals. 

Most of my colleagues who retired at the same time are either, dead, sick and dying, angry, negative, and hurtful. The Silva Method has helped me to reprogram, reset and recharge myself, and now I am ready for the next Quest. I am so excited to be here and look forward to the journey.

Maria Millsaps, MS

Marriage Family Therapist, Business Owner, Writer, Artist, Designer, Speaker and Investigator

Lompoc, United States

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The Silva Ultramind System

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The Silva Ultramind System

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Henrico, United States

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