"It’s given me a new sense of purpose"
The Silva Ultramind System

"It’s given me a new sense of purpose"

I owe deep thanks to Mindvalley for helping draw me closer to my path toward Light. My name is Shiri and my time is now. I studied psychology at Boston University, earned my 500 hr yoga RYT, and then became a Registered Dietitian. It would appear that I very practically and methodically set myself up to have a career in Holistics. On paper, I had the mind, body and spirit thing nailed down, right?! Recently, it’s been revealed to me that none of these fields of study were ever my truest calling. My younger self’s inner voice had always leaned into studying Dance Therapy and Eastern Nutrition. Back then I didn’t have a name for this phenomenon but I sure do now. There was some BRULE overpowering my intuition that said “You won’t be financially sound as a Dance Therapist. It’s just a niche market”. And, “You can’t study Eastern Nutrition before you study Western Nutrition because you won’t be taken seriously”. Enter Mindvalley. It’s as if a Mindvalley email appeared from a cloud of smoke because I don’t really recall how I found it or even if it found me. I had just endured a five year dark period in my life. While taking this course, I was not only pulling myself out of the darkness but also filling in newly created empty spaces with Light, Truth and above all, Consciousness. Light was revealed about the true nature of my intuition as experienced through the Psychometry project. Truth was revealed to me about the nature of forgiveness through our meditations. And once I could move through forgiveness, I was able to land in the sweet spot of playing bigger with cosmic consciousness. But, here’s where the juice was really worth the squeeze. I performed the DBE exercise and what arose were my younger self’s desires. They had been put aside for a more acceptable lifestyle and a more predictable world. While engaged in DBE, the message revealed to me was “To be a wise sage that people are drawn to for answers”. In my journal, I wrote that I desired a holistic nutrition degree and I’m grateful to say that I’ve recently enrolled to be a Holistic Health Coach. In addition, I’m also currently pursuing Somatic Movement Therapy from Kripalu in Massachussettes to explore my vision of becoming a movement therapist. Such a blessing to be living out the dreams of my twenties during this time of “course correction”. Mindvalley and the Silva Ultramind brought up a desire from twenty years ago that I nearly abandoned. It’s given me a new sense of purpose and has brought my feet back onto my holistic path. The truth is, I never wanted to be just a dietitian, or just a yoga teacher, or just a movement therapist. I believe I have a full plate of bounty to offer and being a Holistic Health Coach will better encompass all that I have to share. This course has reminded me to take my knowledge out into the world. Absorbing knowledge is noble but how many will benefit if it simply resides within me? I’m now working on how to take this passion into action. Now that I’m no longer stuck, I’m actively exploring ways to express my vision of “balanced beauty” to the world. I’ve enrolled in LifeBook (starts later this month) with my Silva UltraMind accountability buddy and I’m also incorporating the 6 phase meditation on a daily basis. It is Silva Ultramind that has brought both the importance of true universal inter-connectedness and the need to project outward, to the forefront of my awareness. My hope is to be blessed with like-minded souls along the way to help spread the message of Love, Light and Holistic Health together to all who seek it. Namaste.

Shiri Redensky

Registered Dietitian

Demarest, United States

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