The Silva Ultramind System

"I soon realised it was a totally transformational life-enriching program that changed my life in profound ways and forever"

I completed a version of Silva method called Alpha Dynamic in Australia in the early 1990’s. 
I had started the revival of the Australian tea tree oil industry 10 years before and was struggling to get my business established. I had little business acumen and all I knew was I wanted to bring tea tree oil to the world. 

Thinking the course would teach me to do spreadsheets better, I signed up but I soon realised it was a totally transformational life-enriching program that changed my life in profound ways and forever. I have gone on to have a wonderfully successful life. I used this dynamic meditation technique For my personal life and with all my staff and with the many boards and organisations I chaired. 

I have used it with two companies I’ve Chaired, as well as a community foundation that I set up and with a Steiner school that was struggling to be viable, and with many many individuals with whom I have shared my basic techniques. 

I can only say the results were phenomenal. 

The house I now live in I visualised in one of my meditation sessions where I projected myself to an ideal place where I would be living 10 years later and indeed 10 years later I found myself living in this extraordinarily wonderful house in the best town in the world and it had all been visualised Years before. I can only say this technique has been phenomenally successful. 
So why do I return now.? 

I have followed Vishen’s extraordinary success with Mindvalley, and it was a pleasant surprise to learn that it was the exact same techniques that he used to grow to the leadership position he now shares with the world. When he started to tell me about the updated techniques of the Silva Ultraind I realised I really Wanted to brush up on my technique. 
I am now embarked on a number of very new and exciting projects. I am developing a school of marble carving. I am also developing three small rural communities which offer permanent affordable living, using an eco-village design and teaching regenerative techniques for the restoration of the earth. I am running into many barriers and blockages, particularly relating to regulatory issues that make fulfilling our dreams very difficult. 

Today I am enjoying a superlative lifestyle in one of the best places on earth to live and I feel a strong desire to share what I can in a way that continues to give benefit to my beautiful community. Every day for the last 35 years I have blessed and felt deep gratitude for having learned this technique. I’m looking forward to reporting on how this renewal works and what gains I might be able to share. 

My deepest gratitude to Vishen and the Mindvalley team to bring this extraordinary work the world and I can only say absolutely every way that Vishen speaks with enthusiasm about the magic of this program, I completely 100% endorse his comments and I’m a living example of the same benefits. Love and appreciation.

Christopher Dean

Founder Thursday Plantation tea tree oil. Chairman. Organic India. Passionate marble sculptor celebrating the feminine

Byron Bay, Australia

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