"I really recommend anyone who wants to learn all this to take the Silve Ultramind quest"
The Silva Ultramind System

"I really recommend anyone who wants to learn all this to take the Silve Ultramind quest"

Wow! I started on this journey of finding out who I am started last year. I started working after a long break. I quickly discovered I have lost my self-confidence, I have some kind of fear inside me. I had stumbled upon blocks which were not letting me do my work efficiently. I finally mustered up the courage, asked for help and started working with a life coach. I had met her long before but somehow we never got to get started on this path. I suppose things happen when it is the right time. And while doing this with her, she introduced me to NLP. It interested me and I did the practitioner's course with her. And later Time Line Therapy. All this brought such a new understanding for me. I started taking responsibility for me, my thinking, got more understanding of other people. All this finally led me to a masterclass of Silva Ultramind. I have been seeing so many Mindvalley masterclasses showing up on facebook or email over the years. I've even signed up for some of them. I've sometimes seen them, sometimes left some way through the masterclass or even forgotten and missed out. However, for some reason, something pulled me toward the Silva Ultramind. I made sure I remembered the time, did the whole class and was so intrigued. So intrigued, that I didn't sign up just for Silva Ultramind, but I signed up for the all access to Mindvalley. I was super excited! Here was a way Vishen was showing me, which would help me get my intuition back, trust myself, be able to solve problems, heal myself and others, it would make me better at work and so much more was offered from this quest. And I really recommend anyone who wants to learn all this to take the Silve Ultramind quest. I started out with surrendering myself and trusting the process. I got left behind some days because I fell ill, but have started back on the journey. I love the tools Vishen is teaching us on this quest. I have already found them so helpful. One of the 'magic' I witnessed, just yesterday: I was at a bio resonance treatment. During the treatment, I did the 321 exercise and saw myself, my body heal and certain things to show up in the machine for it to be treated on that day itself even if that particular thing takes another hour. And lo and behold, it did come up! The lady treating me started with it's treatment, and part maybe takes about 10-15 minutes usually but that day it actually took up an hour more. And even she was amazed and surprised because she had to do a whole lot more than what the machine usually allows and that even in a different sequence. I'm just past halfway through the quest and I'm already seeing the changes. Overall, I feel more calmer. I wonder what will the the effect when the whole quest is done! ....and really wonder what transformation will come with all the other quests!!!

Priti Shah

My own boss!

Nairobi, Kenya

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The Silva Ultramind System

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