"I am so much more fulfilled and enlightened"
The Silva Ultramind System

"I am so much more fulfilled and enlightened"

I have been experiencing a slow awakening for the past two years. Not really understanding what was truly going on and trying to navigate uncharted waters on my own without a rudder has been frustating, unclear, and inconsistant. I did start meditating with limited results. Things were changing in my belief system and my entire mental perception of what the world and life were all about. I had fallen into a slump of knowing that my old life was not going to cut it for me anymore but I had no concept of where it was I needed to go to find answers for my soul. I was longing for something that I could not even give a name for. I have been through many traumatic events in my life and have struggled unbelieveably to raise my children. But now that my kids are grown it seemed that life was empty and unfulfilling. I had always been so busy focusing on us surviving I did not spare the time to pay much attention to my own growth and development. And then I saw a commercial for Mindvalley. It lit a spark of curiousity. Then I saw several Mindvalley commercials. Then I finally signed up for a Masterclass. It was the Uncompromised Life Quest. I then decided to take a chance on Mind Valley and see if it had anything to help me see where it is I am supposed to grow to now. I also signed up as an All Access Member. I made a big mistake at first. I singed up for many Quests at once and was still working full time. It became impossible for me to keep up so I just quit trying. I told myself that I would just start again and do what I can to complete a Quest. Then COVID19 hit and since I work as a Special Needs Aide at the High School here all of the sudden I have much time to devote to study because we were sent home for the school year early. And that is about the same time that this Quest...The Silva Ultramind System was starting. I made a new commitment to myself that I would do this quest and stay on track and share with everyone that is going through with me. That was not easy because I don't usually send much of myself out in the virtual world. After starting this Quest...I am so much more fulfilled and enlightened as to what my soul has been yearning for. I have learned priceless information that has illuminated my path as I ventured down this road. I understand so much more about my brain, my mind, my soul, my body and my spirit now. This program has given me the keys to unlocking my mind and setting it free to explore and learn from everywhere. I still am going to go back and retake the Quests I never completed in due time, but there are several more Quests that I feel are more important right now. And hopfully I will soon be able to afford the Being Extraordinary at Work quest. But, if not maybe they will add it to All Access after the first class is complete. I am so truly thankful and excited for the Quests that touch me on a soul level and turn me inside out. Thank you Vishen for your determination to turn this plateform into what it is today. And you are changing the world!!!! Big Love to you all! This is a pic of me and four of my six children at my youngest son's wedding.

Lori Holden

Special Needs Assistant

Leon, United States

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The Silva Ultramind System

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The Silva Ultramind System

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The Silva Ultramind System

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Jehan Sandra Salem

3d Artist, Graphic Designer, Traditional Artist

Casselberry, United States

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