"Here we go!"
The Silva Ultramind System

"Here we go!"

I just started the Ultramind Program so I can begin with my life before this program and its been one that started with a few strikes against me as a child, a lot of trauma, loss, tragedy, but through it all I've had this unwavering knowledge that there is so much more out there and the reason I've gone through all I have is for a purpose, one much bigger than myself. I want to know what that is and how I can help others and be of service. I just need to open up the possibilities. Here we go!

Lori Lanai Holslin

Contract Specialist/Honewwell

Scottsdale, United States

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The Silva Ultramind System

"I am going to apply Mental Video technique to all my upcoming ventures"

I always want to do something that I never tried before. Mind control and healing is a valuable gift provided to us with this program. This is such a powerful insight by legendary Mr Silva. And I thank Vishen to conduct it for us. I am going to use these tools for betterment of not just...
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Sachin W


Sydney, Australia

The Silva Ultramind System

"I have already forwarded this [course] to four persons"

It was so inspiring! An excellent way to keep brushed up with such exposures - keeps us active and live!!...I have already forwarded this [course] to four persons. I shall continue forwarding this opportunity to many more!
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Arjun Khubchandani


The Silva Ultramind System

“The regular practices of Silva Meditation make me physically, spiritually & mentally relax, and give me a balanced life.”

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Nazmul Ahsan

General Manager, New Age

United States

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