"My goal is now to embrace a happy money community and going philanthropic"
Money EQ

"My goal is now to embrace a happy money community and going philanthropic"

Hello all, before this program I was a saver. 
During the course of the exercises, I discovered that what made save was my fear of being poor again. That fear was instilled in me in my young years by my parents and grandparents who lived through the hardships of the world wars, famine included. I also discovered that I am a boring person married to a spender that brings some joy to my life. I am actively trying to start spending with a big thank you and instilling a lot of happiness into the money I spend. 
The perspective of money has the energy and the circular nature of commercial relations makes me believe that money I spend will return to me with some friends joining. 
Anyway, just doing the appreciation of things I buy and feeling to be enough made me shift my perception of reality and made me realize how rich I am already. 
My goal is now to embrace a happy money community and going philanthropic. I believe that by giving out and helping others get their fair share of happy money we, together, can change the world for the good. Making a new better world than the one I was born into is a good goal that deserves being pursued. 
With love. Joao

joao mendes

Tap air portugal

RINCHOA, Portugal

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