"My attitude towards money is different!"
Money EQ

"My attitude towards money is different!"

I fell in love with Money EQ right from the first lesson! 

I always had a tight relationship with money. By growing up in an environment with a scarcity mindset, I was influenced to save money so I would be safe in the future. This false sense of security made be become very controlling of it and rarely allowing myself to spend it. 

Over time, I denied myself experiences that would be fun and interesting, just because I thought they were expensive. In this beautiful quest, I realized I created a barrier in my own life that was blocking the money flow and didn't allow me to receive more, because I didn't want to give as well. 

Now, I removed this barrier and my attitude towards money is different! Instead of seeing money as a treasure to keep to myself, I see it as energy that has the power to make things better for everyone. I am more generous to others and to myself, because I know that by giving I am receiving, and by receiving I am giving! 

Thank you so much Happy Panda Ken and Dr. Scott Mills for the magnificent transformation you have made in me and others! May all of you find the abundance you deserve in your lives!

Ivan Garcia

Civil Engineer | Educator

Lisbon, Portugal

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Money EQ

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Money EQ

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Erick Lessing

Software Engineer, DVT

Pretoria, South Africa

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