"Looking forward to bettering my relationships with money and people"
Money EQ

"Looking forward to bettering my relationships with money and people"

I'm just starting my 21-day transformation. Looking forward to bettering my relationships with money and people. I will share my success when I compete it, I am very excited ,arigato.

Christian medina

Security guard

Chatsworth, United States

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Money EQ

"I am very excited about starting"

Money EQ quest with Ken Honda is my very first program with Mindvalley so I am very excited about starting it and seeing my new shifted perception and new results after finishing the course.
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Andrea Talavaskova

Project Management Consultant (Vineyard Management Consulting) & Creator of Artisara (Minimalist I Plant-Based I Organic Clothing Brand)

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Money EQ

"I feel I am more focused"

Now, after we were reminded that money can come with ease if we used our naturally given gifts, do the things we love, and allow the flow and being grateful to the journey, I feel I am more focused and working in my own pace while being very satisfied with I already have and blessed with.
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Maryam T

Performance improvement consultant

Muscat, Oman

Money EQ

"I love this Money EQ Quest!"

I love this Money EQ Quest! Never in my life I join a program full of love and appreciation. Ken and Scott are amazing teachers. They get in touch with each single person, doesn't matter if they talk to them or not. They are not interest in the number of students to make the most of money. They r...
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Annett Burmester

Channel, Soul Expert, Visionary, Coach, Author, Speaker, Podcaster

Hamburg, Germany

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