Money EQ

"I think I’m ready to change"

From the beginning of my life I’ve heard two phrases from my mother: 1. “Your brain is too little to understand this (finances)” 2. “It is good not to want too much in life” (said in the quilt- evoking way that suggested my being greedy - wen I’d have desires or dreams). I lived my life feeling inadequate, stupid and guilty. Playing small. I think I’m ready to change this...


piano teacher

Pleasanton, United States

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Money EQ

"When I did the first retraining excercise an image of my adopted brother appeared when my parents adopted him."

My feeling at the time was that there would less for me because he would be taking away from me in order to heir him. So during the excercise I returned the pain and sense of lack I felt at that time. I did not know that I had that memory in my mind and felt better after the excercise!
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Jason Max Adams


Santa Fe, United States

Money EQ

"Since I listened to him I’m becoming more open to spending when necessary."

Before listening to Ken Honder I was very uptight with money. Not liking to spend at all. Only enjoyed receiving. Now since I listened to him I’m becoming more open to spending when necessary.
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Zukiswa Labi

Health Care Assistant

Cheltenham, Ireland

Money EQ

"I learned that money must be treated well"

Thanks to this program, I learned that money must be treated well, we must be a friend to them and must practice the virtue of gratitude all the time. Arigato in and arigato out is true. I shared assistance to my relative during the period and amazingly after few days my client paid me a huge...
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Jennet Grace Barrion


Mabalacat city, Philippines

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