"I love this Money EQ Quest!"
Money EQ

"I love this Money EQ Quest!"

I love this Money EQ Quest! Never in my life, I've joined a program full of love and appreciation. 
Ken and Scott are amazing teachers. They get in touch with every single person, doesn't matter if they talk to them or not. They are not interested in the number of students to make the most of the money. They really want to help as much as they can! 
What I love most is the new perspective, relationship, and healing process. Ken's videos are so lovely. Like a "Buddha" he is teaching you with such ease and happiness. He gives you hope and a good feeling to be enough and take away your fear. Scott is the "Paradise Bird" and guides you through the emotional process also with love and ease. With him, you open all closed doors, cries and feel the peace. 
I love you Ken and Scott, you are amazing and I so happy to meet you! 
You will change the world and turn it to a better one. ARIGATO ?

Annett Burmester

Channel, Soul Expert, Visionary, Coach, Author, Speaker, Podcaster

Hamburg, Germany

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