"I am very excited about starting"
Money EQ

"I am very excited about starting"

Hello, my name is Andrea. I am from Slovakia, currently living in Germany. Money EQ quest with Ken Honda is my very first program with Mindvalley so I am very excited about starting it and seeing my new shifted perception and new results after finishing the course.

Andrea Talavaskova

Project Management Consultant (Vineyard Management Consulting) & Creator of Artisara (Minimalist I Plant-Based I Organic Clothing Brand)

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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Money EQ

"I am learning to appreciate money and paying more attention"

Before the program I was not aware of my feelings and believes around money. The reason I enrolled in this Quest is to learn how to change my mindset about abundance. Thank to this program I learn that I was indifferent towards money and how this is good in a way like being a happy person, c...
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Carla F Espinoza


Tucson, United States

Money EQ

"Looking forward to bettering my relationships with money and people"

I'm just starting my 21-day transformation. Looking forward to bettering my relationships with money and people. I will share my success when I compete it, I am very excited ,arigato.
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Christian medina

Security guard

Chatsworth, United States

Money EQ

"It has already been felt a lot safer with money"

So I have had a bad relationship with money. It a problem getting it saving it and using it. I have just started this quest but it been felt a lot safer with money
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Hammond Don

Unemployed dreamer

brooklyn, United States

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