"I am encouraged by this ability to explore my money wound"
Money EQ

"I am encouraged by this ability to explore my money wound"

As this program begins I am encouraged by this ability to explore my money wounds. It is the global pandemic, my business is strongly affected and yet I realize if I had stronger ability to receive I would be poised to pivot more readily. I am Ready to be Ready

Patricia Muncy

President, Patricia A Muncy LLC

Bellport, United States

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Money EQ

"It was a striking quest I went through and I cannot thank enough to Ken"

Thanks to this program, now I get to know the real meaning of how to make good friends with money and people relationships that relates to money more or less. I still have some my own money wounds, money fear type, and even a problem with finding my own happy money container which is big...
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Rumiko Hachisu


Kawasaki, Japan

Money EQ

"Thus, began my quests in the humanities to enable me to live a life of abundance"

After not realizing my severance pay of over a half a million TT dollars to investments I was determined to find out what made me make such an investment and how can I correct my attitude about money. I thought even if I acquired more money would I lose it in a similar way. Why can't I...
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Angela Pierre


PORT OF SPAIN, United States

Money EQ

"I am learning to appreciate money and paying more attention"

Before the program I was not aware of my feelings and believes around money. The reason I enrolled in this Quest is to learn how to change my mindset about abundance. Thank to this program I learn that I was indifferent towards money and how this is good in a way like being a happy person, c...
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Carla F Espinoza


Tucson, United States

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