"I am beginning to see that I already have an abundant life"
Money EQ

"I am beginning to see that I already have an abundant life"

Before the program I was often stressed about money and never having enough to do the things I wanted. After the first week with Ken and Scott’s help, I am beginning to see that I already have an abundant life and by appreciating what I have every day, I can change my money EQ and achieve my ultimate goal of financial independence.

Sue Whitaker

PA/Project Administrator

Thatcham, United Kingdom

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Money EQ

"I am looking forward to changing my currently feeble money-flow into a strong, healthy and happy one"

Just started the Money EQ Quest today (18052020). So, I merely can share my starting point, which is feeling frustrated with, judgmental and unhappy about my financial situation. With participating in this quest, I hope to find out my weaknesses and strengths on the subject money. I am looking...
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Evelyne van Strijen

Rohrbach, Switzerland

Money EQ

"I added someone to my happy money community"

I have a goal to help underserved communities get fresh food. I added someone to my happy money community and she already is giving me great guidance and leading me to a nonprofit organization that links people from various backgrounds wishing to make an impact.
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Patricia Lauter

Public school teacher

Miami, United States

Money EQ

"Great breakthroughs and insights"

Great Breakthroughs and Insights . Ken is great inspiration
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Steve Bar Ner

Operations Manager Airport

Tel Mond, Israel

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