"His teachings are simple yet profound"
Money EQ

"His teachings are simple yet profound"

Money EQ came to me at the right time! I knew there was something blocking the flow of money in my life and I was eager to work on myself and heal that relationship. Since I saw the masterclass and Ken Honda talked about healing our money wounds I knew that’s what I needed. His teachings are simple yet profound, and the brain trainings from Dr. Scott Mills are amazing. I love that I can go back to the lessons again and again so I will have more profound shifts and integrate all the teachings. The tribe was also a big part of making this quest so beautiful because we all felt love and support and realized that we are not alone. I had never been so active in a group but felt inspired to share and even became a Money EQ Ambassador. That’s how much I love this quest! I’m very grateful for Money EQ, for listening to my intuituion and going for it without thinking too much. I’m so glad I did! Arigato, Arigato, Arigato!

Valerie van Ginhoven

Radical Forgiveness Master Coach and Infinite Possibilities Trainer

Lima, Peru

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Money EQ

"So I'm taking Money EQ hoping to be more at peace with money."

I'm just beginning the course today. My relationship with money feels sad. I don't ever seem to have quite enough to be comfortable knowing that my long term needs will be met.There is fear around dying poor and/or not feeling I've achieved my financial goals; not contributing enough to t...
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Michael Kennedy

Voice Over Actor

Palo Alto, United States

Money EQ

"I never thought a quest about money was gonna be so full of love"

I never thought a quest about money was gonna be so full of love, light and good. Ken, you are one of the most amazing persons on earth. Thank you so much. And Dr. Scott too! All this journey permitted me to heal so many áreas in my life. And I had experienced during this quest money Miracle...
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Jennifer Barillas


San Salvador, El Salvador

Money EQ

"I am full of strength to start my own business using everything I learned in this Quest"

When I started this course it was with the firm decision to start having an economy of my own and what I found was not just that, but a person with an extraordinary carisma and simplicity such as Ken Honda and Scott Mills apart of course all the people who belong to the tribe. Mindvalley always...
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Laura Vaca-Pereira Urgel

Owner of sattwa_ayurveda

Santiago, Chile

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