" Now I practice what I have and long for more of their delicious courses. It is a lifestyle I enjoy"

Before I came to Mindvalley I was thinking I want to learn something more exciting. Exciting it was the courses are so varied and so colorful. 

It all began when I wanted to meditate. I had seen onharmonics first. I loved it a few years went but I lost the course on an old computer. I called the company now with a new name they gave me my course back 
The company grew so took another course It grew again so I again enjoyed it so much I became a tribe member. Now I practice what I have and long for more of their delicious courses. It is a lifestyle I enjoy. Thank you so much for your life-changing courses.

P.S. Vishen I think I might have been one of your first students. Congratulations on your success.

Sonya Mccarthy

Volunteer Event coordinator and a super fund raiser

Digby, Canada

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My husband and I have been involved in deep mediation, reading materials and learning and been guided through our development in all aspects of our being. We felt some things were not completely cohesive and needed a little help in that area.
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Sarah M Elliott

Thunderheart Oregon

Portland, United States


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"I am so grateful for Mindvalley coming into my life"

I am so grateful for MindValley coming into my life, and all the beautiful knowledge it is bringing me. It is just what I need to help me to break through barriers and continue the wonderful journey I am on, so that I can help as many people on the planet as I am able to. Thank you :-)
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Gemma Herbertson

Neuroplasticity Therapist / Researcher at Neuro Frontiers

Salisbury, United Kingdom

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