"Mindvalley is my daily dose of happiness and excitement"

"Mindvalley is my daily dose of happiness and excitement"

Hi peeps, My journey with Mindvalley started when? It was years ago, I don't know how I came to it anymore. Coincidence? My soul shouted for help and more than anything else I knew, I wanted to shift from being constantly down and many times depressed to suicidal moments, to a life I can thrive and go forward with an positive outlook. So one day Mindvalley crossed my way and what I read impressed me, what Vishen had to say just met my beliefs about schooling, was straightly my opinion, too. At that time, I wasn't able to buy courses, but like a very dry sponge, I soaked up the informations from all the free Masterclasses, that mety interests somehow. And slowly I made progress. Believed in myself, had confidence to speak up, shifted my thinking and my beliefs and, most importantly - I came out of the struggle with depression, fighting against the suicidal thoughts (man, that was so exhausting). My days were filled with excitement for the next Masterclass and the next and the next. I made my way up and eventually, started to buy a course. A big part also I got out of the Podcasts and interviews. And I'll not stop here! I'm now on Mindvalley Mentoring and just enrolled for Duality and will go for more. Mindvalley is my daily dose of happiness and excitement. It's the music for my soul and the grip in my life to rise. Thank you Vishen for all you are, all you do. You saved my life and gave me guidance in an unique great way. Thank you, thank you thank you... LOve.... Denise

Denise Mirza

Communication Manager

Zürich, Switzerland

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Marcia Nathai-Balkissoon

Lecturer, Start-up Owner, and Parent to two amazing children

San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago


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Anthony Lombardo

Digital Creator / Online Business Consultant

East Islip, United States


"For those of you who don't know Mindvalley, I urge you to check it out"

Think TED, meets personal development, meets entrepreneurship, meets education all in one magical organization. Thank you Vishen and your team - you're empowering the world."
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Miki Agrawal

Founder of WILD, THINX, ICON & TUSHY. Author of the #1 Best-Selling Books Do Cool Shit and Distrupt-Her

United States

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