"I realized I could reinvent myself"

"I realized I could reinvent myself"

Before joining MV I had been working until COVID hit. Then since March of 2020 I’ve been home. Coping with staying home was challenging and depression set in. I began seeking ways to figure out what’s next for me. I started asking am self at my age what what be helpful to do, it felt like I was on a new frontier. Then I watched a masterclass on Silva mind control and that when I realized I could reinvent myself. So I joined all access MV, I decided that I was worth spending the money on in order to grow. So far I have enjoyed MVU and today I start two quests. I am excited and grateful for MV and the the guidance/ support received thus far. I feel hopeful about my future and the new possibilities. Thank you Vishen for starting MV. MV is is creating a world community and am so happy to be apart of the tribe.

Carol StarPeer

Peer support / Western Mass Recovery Learning Community

Charlemont, United States

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Joy Harris

Practitioner at joyful energy heals.com

Clayton, United States


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Ori Donner


Kfar Chabad, Israel


Entrepreneurs need to focus on what they are passionate about.

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Khaleej Times

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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