"I am now surrounded by powerful generous experts who are changing my life exponentially"

"I am now surrounded by powerful generous experts who are changing my life exponentially"

From the YouTube video is alone, I learned the MOM and FAST strategies from Mr. Kwik. But now, in addition to the superbrain program, I am learning that learning can be fun. I have been on boarding small habits and doing them consistently and i in believe it was in preparation for Mindvalley. I am now surrounded by powerful generous experts who are changing my life exponentially. Covid-19 has created so much time for me to finally focus and invest on myself. Vishen has taught me how to meditate, first with the 6 phase meditation program and now with the Silva Ultramind. Mr. Kwik is teaching me how to retain information at the speed of light and how to read like a word bandit, the Evolutionary woman course has almost given me permission to realize my power and soon my passion. But the entire point is that I am now asking myself these questions and trusting my heart and spirit to bring out the answers especially as I journal daily. Amen. I’m a freaking rock star. I’m about to manifest my life to the fullest. In addition to a bison board and writing down my goals and dreams, I feel like this is that extra step to keep it over into awesomeness. I’m so excited. After I’m down with these quests, I have plans for wildfit and learning more about my intuition. I mean yo, my life I so dope right now.

Winifred Whitney Awaru

Registered nurse

Jersey City, United States

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John Liu


Parsippany, United States


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bushregenerator, / gardener

Sydney, Australia


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Ian Orr

Life Coach and Mental Health Nurse

Norwich, United Kingdom

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