"Have grown in many ways due to Mindvalley"

"Have grown in many ways due to Mindvalley"

Have grown in many ways due to Mindvalley - learned mediations - gratitude - energy

Dr Laura Bokar


Naperville, United States

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The Ultimate Competitive Advantage Beyond Strategy Is The People You Attract And The Culture You Create

“How, exactly, did Lakhiani get the best and brightest to flock to a place where locals were fleeing? A mix of flexibility, fun and hiring for talent and not specific roles were at the core, something that’s also been a successful recipe for other companies in attracting employees to far away...
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United Kingdom


"The more active I am with Mindvalley, the more I find they are in tune with my values and beliefs"

I have worked 36 years as a Registered Nurse. First 18 yrs in Obstetrics and last 18 in the Community. I put a lot of my time and energy into my work. Also raised 2 Boys by myself. When I Retired last year, I felt empty and drained and burnt out . My sons really didn’t need me anymore....
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Tasma Baxendale

Retired Registered Nurse/Visit Community Nurse

Carp, Canada


"I have been able to connect with so many likeminded and inspiring individuals"

This quest has been so transformative for me and I would highly recommend jumping aboard. If you feel like there is a calling to help transform the lives of people and discover how you can make a real impact then look no further than this quest. I have been able to connect with so many likeminded...
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Ian Orr

Life Coach and Mental Health Nurse

Norwich, United Kingdom

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