Her insight and guidance to my goals are on the spot.
Mindvalley Premium Coaching

Her insight and guidance to my goals are on the spot.

My coach is amazing. Her insight and guidance to my goals are on the spot. Also our group calls are productive and uplifting. And Vishen is our own modern Dalai Lama. He enlightens us not only with his knowledge, but with his amazing humor too. I am grateful to be a part of the Mindvalley community. I am thankful to each member who are part of this extraordinary commune who believe in uplifting and creating better conscious human beings.

Ash Kaur


San Jose, Netherlands

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Mindvalley Premium Coaching

"I love this strong Community and the Feeling of Unity"

Regarding our coaching group calls, it was so creative to exchange our growth topics and get new perspectives and ideas from the others in the Breakouts. Regarding the calls with Vishen...
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Sebastian Werner

Coach, father, entrepreneur

Bergisch Gladbach, Germany

Mindvalley Premium Coaching

"Love the energy of the group!"

Wassila has been excellent, and also very accomodating. Also, love the energy of the group! I love it!
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Riquaza Z

Internal Medicine Physician

California, United States

Mindvalley Premium Coaching

Amazing as always. I love Yvette and her warm caring for the coachees.

Amazing as always..... every experience is new and expansive. I do energy clearings and was trained by Christie Marie Sheldon last year. I would love to do a no charge energy clearing to enhance the process he was using to help him manifest his summer cottage or whatever else using superc...
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Barbie Layton

Intuitive healer, author, motivational speaker, spiritual maverick

Anaheim, United States

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