"Coaching was exactly what I needed to help me move from the rut I made for myself"
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"Coaching was exactly what I needed to help me move from the rut I made for myself"

My experience has been very positive and has been a confirmation that coaching was exactly what I needed to help me move from the rut I made for myself.
The insights have been massive! The insights have come for a few reasons. My coach is a very safe person, her energy is kind and grounded. The exercises have all helped me see my ability to have a choice in how I perceive my life and I'm so grateful for the lie busting exercise! 
For me, though, my experience hit a new level when A. started the campfire meetings! That group time was like adding Miracle Grow to the soil! I love our group! We are finding that we all hold something with each other needs. We fan each other's flames! We hold space for each other during tough growth periods. The best gift from the group for me has been the fact that you can be messy in front of people and feel fantastic! Why fantastic?!?!? Being able to be messy and human in front of safe people is what we all have needed for longer than we'd care to admit!
By 'safe people' I mean people can hold space for you because they are people who've also been through some shit storms too. We shared more and more of our stories with each other after the coach had us paired up randomly, but we all had such great connections, we believed that we were paired by the coach's careful consideration. This experience was confirmation that we are part of a very special journey together.
From the campfires, some of us have connected one on one! That has been soooo rewarding!
The reward of seeing how your strength and struggle become a "load-bearing idea" for someone else to be freer is total bliss!
So many of us have had our lives busied with 'holding it together' that we had abandoned ourselves. This experience is a space just for us to be, to heal, to be heard, to be encouraged with ideas and beliefs we all share, and there's a level of unspoken accountability that helps too.
I am on week 5 of life teaching me how to receive and I am sharing my journey with my team and several have really resonated with it and it resulted in another Coachee in my group making some bold moves toward her dream!
Again, this is confirmation that Vishen's idea of the tribe healing the tribe is true in our group! It's f*cking epic!
My coach is the best! She is very compassionate with her guidance and her directness. I needed exactly that mix! To me, that is a sign of someone invested in your journey!

Glenn Evans

United States

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