"This quest will enable you to see and experience things you never dreamed possible"
Experience Lucid Dreaming

"This quest will enable you to see and experience things you never dreamed possible"

I've been on a spiritual quest my whole life, and at the same time, it has/is a continuous journey of growth. 

Before this program I have devoured all things spiritual from meditation, breathwork, and most of all books and podcasts of different authors (Still do...). 

My thirst for knowledge in this field stems from a deep feeling of not being enough that is being played out in my life in different (and similar) experiences. This has led to my lifelong quest of growing. I truly want to be totally accepting of others and see the world through untainted eyes and unconditional love. I believe that I need to integrate my shadow in order to not act upon all the triggers that come from an unfulfilled heart. 

Thanks to this program I have received a shortcut to my authentic self. I have not been able to become lucid in my dreams yet, but I have no doubt that it'll come. This is what is so wonderful with Charlie's teachings, that you don't need to reach a specific goal (becoming lucid) in order to receive huge value. Just to decode the dreams I'm having has made a profound impact on my life. 

I have been able to connect to a BIG shadow and started the healing process of my inner child. I have not been able to speak up for myself before, and as late as yesterday I told a very important person in my life my truth. 
After our conversation, I cried a river, but I also connected to my inner child and expressed how sorry I was and how much I loved her. I just spoke out loud and pictured in my mind how I embraced the young girl (me). 

After I was done I felt light, and this morning, an old trigger (something that usually makes me jealous) didn't trigger me at all. I truly only felt joy and happiness for the person I would normally be jealous of. This feels like freedom to me. I have only just begun, and I know in time I will meet my inner child as well as my shadows in a lucid dream. 

If you are the least bit curious about your unconscious truths and beliefs, this quest is for you. This quest will enable you to see and experience things you never dreamed possible. Just do it! So much love and light, Tess

Tess Andrijevski

Brand owner

Malmo, Sweden

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