"This journey has been amazing"
Lifebook Online

"This journey has been amazing"

This journey has been amazing, I now understand that you can be free and be your true self. It sounds like just words, but the experience and this new perspective about life is what really matters. 

The areas in my life that I noticed the most successful progress are Health and Fitness, Social Life and Love Relationship. I now see my body as part of me and committed to keeping me alive, even as a person that feels and loves me, I used to drive me to my limits regarding exercising, getting my body exhausted, now I am not a selfish person anymore with my body, I do listen to it. 

About Social Life now I am hungry for new experiences and meeting new people, really getting into the moment. And finally, for love relationship, I realized that I wasn't sure what I really wanted, and I have not allowed myself for living so great experiences with a couple, now I know what I want and I am so excited.

Axel Alfonso Morales Castañeda

Support Engineer

Mexico City, Mexico

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Monica Pizzo

production manager

Luxemburg, Luxembourg

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