"Thanks to this program, I can objectively see my life"
Lifebook Online

"Thanks to this program, I can objectively see my life"

Before this programme, I was committing to relationships that were completely one-sided. I was sharing my life vision with someone who was saying that they wanted the same thing but they weren't doing anything to actualise it. I was coming up with strategies and they did everything in their power to sabotage it. I realised that I have wasted all of my 20s trying to complete one category of my Life Book to absolutely no avail and it hurt every other category of my life, especially emotionally. 

Thanks to this program, I can objectively see my life. I can have a clearer, more conscious perspective on it and I can now focus on myself. On my agency, on my ability, on my growth, my life vision, and my quality of life. I have already started better investing in the best and most constant asset I have which should have always come first, myself because at least I will never let me down. 

And now, my life is feeling so much calmer. I feel more in control and when it doesn't, I now have strategies to cope, manage and change it for I am more conscious. I am starting a new role as an Early Years Educator where I do have a career progression. I plan to use this experience to build my confidence and teach English as a foreign language abroad. I learning to drive and when I pass, I am going to put all the things I need in my boot and drive myself to my dream home (near the Jurassic beaches of Cornwall, near the Outstanding natural beauties it has to offer like waterfalls and forests). 

The work that I do will allow me to help support children to have a golden, outstanding, quality childhood and I'll support their life visions as much as they are supporting mine.


Early Years Educator

London, United Kingdom

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