"Thanks in advance for returning my $500 deposit, as promised"
Lifebook Online

"Thanks in advance for returning my $500 deposit, as promised"

After completing my first draft, run through, of Lifebook Online it's cleared a lot of things up for me. I'm going to take my time and produce a 2nd draft on my own. Then I will run through it with my adult children. Thanks in advance for returning my $500 deposit, as promised.

Thomas Downward


Clarksburg, United States

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Lifebook Online

"First I want to thank every single person that bought Lifebook into my life!"

First I want to thank Every single person that bought lifebook into my life! Mindvalley, Jon, Missy Butcher, Thanks for your beleif in all of us! Before these program, I was already thinking, learning about personal growth for many years. But after doing this, actually I feel like its al...
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Tania Hoque


woodhaven, United States

Lifebook Online

The whole flow [...] gave me immense clarity about what I want.

I can't say that Lifebook opened my eyes, a lot of the things it covered I kinda had in mind. What had the biggest impact on me was the structure of my visions and goals. The whole flow triggered an internal dialogue about setting the premise, the purpose etc. and gave me immense clarity about wh...
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Christos Oikonomou



Lifebook Online

"I can't wait to accomplish my goals"

Before lifebook, I had no clarity, just vague ideas about what I wanted to do next. Thanks to lifebook, I have tons of clarity, tons of plans, and this huge book that I can create and recreate. And now, my life has shape and form, my life has direction, my life has increased purpose, and I'm...
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Lydia Hill

My current role is a preschool teacher

United States

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