"Thank you so much for bringing so much clarity to me"
Lifebook Online

"Thank you so much for bringing so much clarity to me"

First of all, I want to thank from bottom of my heart for gathering all the courage and wisdom to live the life you and Missy have inspired me and so many of us to live. 
Your introductory video totally resonated with what I had been seeking for in the most turbulent time I and my family faced emotionally in 2020 after a transition back to home country post 70% lay off Oman did for expats during pandemic. 

2020 is the year which also gave me a breakthrough of completely understanding and discover what my Life calling is, and started my entrepreneurial journey. But I started going downward spiral with all the uncertainties and depression hit me back. 
Thankful to His blessings, I didn't hit the rock bottom of my self-confidence and found you guys. I just committed myself to take up this journey because this is what I always prayed to Divine for; I wish to prosper abundantly in all aspects of my life (since so many years) and felt whether I was asking too much. But deep down I knew I deserve it all, just didn't know how it would be achievable. 

Now after completing this online Lifebook process, I am sure 100% that I did the right thing in manifesting because I deserve it all and my loved ones and our planet are worth the best human I can become. 

Thank you so much for bringing so much clarity to me. I loved each moment and sort of re-wrote each word you spoke just forging it all in my brain. 

I have become emotionally much more stable, know the exact values I want to live on, chosen career path for this year, and next and visualization of where I am going to be 5 yrs down the line was the most amazing experience in this entire journey. I am committed to take actions. And even though for now I have to pause my virtual journey with this empowering community and mentors, I am definitely coming back and I am committed to SHINE ME 

Thanks, love you and Missy so so much HUGGSSS (I really want to meet and personally hug you both someday as a reformed person I envisioned myself, you helped me become) Best wishes Kirti

Kirti Mulay

Trash to treasure and Environmental Enthusiast, Eco-friendly Architect and Space "Re-designer"

Pune, India

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