"Now my life has greater purpose"
Lifebook Online

"Now my life has greater purpose"

Before Lifebook I was fuzzy on what exactly I wanted out of my life and I was floundering financially because of it.  Thanks to Lifebook I have a clear vision of what I want for my future and how to get there.  Now my life has a greater purpose and a clearly defined direction to go in.

Jasen Alan Harry


United States

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Lifebook Online

It has helped me say that this is me and this is possible

Thanks to LifeBook I have a structure and path to be conscious of all the areas of my life. This process have made conscious thoughts and ideas I have had deep within me and brought them into to the light. It has helped me say that this is me and this is possible. Through this process I have open...
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David Gachette

Project Manager

United Kingdom

Lifebook Online

"Such a great tool I would recommend to anyone who wants to be in charge of their life"

My self work in life has been rewarding so far. I am not super wealthy but I have sufficient for my needs. There have been times in my life where I have been in darkness and yet I have mastered those times by practicing mindfulness and awareness. I changing the way I was thinking. My whol...
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Lethbridge, Canada

Lifebook Online

"This quest has been a revelation for me and enabled me to realize that when I focus on one category only, all the others are getting somehow depleted."

So I am now aiming at putting my energy and attention on the 12 categories. It also enabled me to make peace with the past in order for me to look ahead and remain focused on solutions.
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Laffaire Nathalie

Independant as a nutritionist and naturopath

Rue, Switzerland

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