"Now I live more consciously"
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"Now I live more consciously"

Before life book i didn’t think about divide life into categories and work on each of them. I didin’t think hat all the categories are really interconnected one to the other.
Thank you lifebook to made think that this is possible, my life vision can really become true. 
Now I live more conciously and I know that I need to set daily habit to achieve my goal.

Daniela Zorzi

Teacher of yoga and swimming instructor


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Lifebook Online

“Lifebook was the hardest and most profound personal development journey I have ever walked”

Lifebook was the hardest and most profound personal development journey I have ever walked. Lifebook made me re-evaluate every one of my beliefs and see if it serves me or not. It made me dream bigger and attach meaning to the dream and it made me be true to my words and take action for what I sa...
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Hila Marcus

United States

Lifebook Online

I fill more in control now of my life, I am able to keep myself in a positive state of mind

For me, Lifebook is a lifesaver. I found Lifebook at a point in time in my life, when I was experiencing depression (although I didn't know I was having one). I felt I was in a continuous downward spiral and what I was feeling was getting worse every day. I was in a constant state of overwhe...
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Donnabelle Balmaceda

Financial Advisor/Trainer


Lifebook Online

"Lifebook has been a phenomenal experience"

LifeBook has been a phenomenal experience. It gave me so much clarity and focus that it has almost built an automatic driving system within me to realise my Life Vision. I feel that my energies and efforts are all being channelled towards the right direction for me. It feels really empowering....
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DHAKA, Bangladesh

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