"Lifebook was a surprise gift for me"
Lifebook Online

"Lifebook was a surprise gift for me"

Before this program, I had all sorts of mental pressure about "Should-a Could-a Would-a". 

After 9 years of life in the USA -California and Not knowing what's my next step, Coronavirus stopped me back here, in my country of origin -Slovenia. I knew intuitively, I don't need to return, but I wanted to use my free time wisely, and Mindvalley was a great idea...I got a Membership for myself and my daughter...while Lifebook was a surprise gift for me. 

My score was excellent and balanced at the beginning already (to my surprise). It didn't change much by the end of 6 weeks, but it sure helped me realize my priorities at this point of my life - sweet 60's. It also helped me acknowledge, that my spiritual strength, responsibility, and deep gratitude for all that I've been through - are the cornerstones of my character. BUT, the biggest aha moment is this: "The highest the score, the more intentional focus I need to keep polishing the "Pearl beyond price" and my own Shoes. Advice: No guru can look deep enough into your heart. No coach will exercise your tummy. Trust the Genie inside the Lamp. Life provides the rubbing...


a Retired Mystic & granny of 4

Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Lifebook Online

"Lifebook has given me so much more focus, direction, purpose, and passion"

My relationship with my stepson has been amazing these past weeks; our communication has flourished, it makes my heart so full. I have a new determination, focus, passion to start my own business; the ideas have been flowing and I can...
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Tammy McKenzie

Licenced Optician

Edmonton, Canada

Lifebook Online

"Best training of this nature that I have ever done. It is a fabulous course."

I applied the SMART goals and I am now well on my way to achieve this goal, I have a preliminary goal for the next 6 weeks, and an overall goal for 12 months. which has made it seem quite achievable. I already feel lighter, more organized in my surroundings, have given many bags of stuff to chari...
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Krystyna Thomas

Melbourne, Australia

Lifebook Online

"It created a framework to look at every major aspect of my life and where and how I can improve them"

I enjoyed this program. It created a framework to look at every major aspect of my life and where and how I can improve them. It allowed me to have a clear vision of these aspects and to have an honest review of where I am today relative e to this vision.
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Arik Salvador

Owner, Maui Land Development Company LLC

Maui, United States

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