"Lifebook has not only set me back on the right path but has shown me that there are various paths"
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"Lifebook has not only set me back on the right path but has shown me that there are various paths"

I received the Lifebook Program as a gift from a friend who I will forever be grateful to for having given me such an opportunity. Although I would have preferred that I went through this process much earlier in my life, I believe the timing was perfect still. At a time when I needed most to rethink more carefully where I was going to go with the rest of my life, Lifebook became that much needed process for me to review, assess and better plan. I have so many reasons to be grateful for the blessings in my life so far and that lack of gratitude is probably what made me lose my way as I focused more and more on the winters rather than the springs and summers of my life. Lifebook has not only set me back on the right path but has shown me that there are various paths and much more of an exciting journey ahead to get to live my most extraordinary adventures yet. 

Thank you Lifebook! Today I make a commitment to be my best self yet for my wife and son, for caring relatives, for genuine friends, for the company I am with and the colleagues I work with as well as the team I lead, for country, for God and, yes, for myself. I deserve a happy, extraordinary life. It is up to me to make it happen!

Peter Perfecto


Marikina, Philippines

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Lifebook Online

"I am in control of my life"

Thanks to Lifebook I now have clarity on what my next chapter of life will look like. I am hopeful, focused and excited to becoming 12 category smart. I am in control of my life and I now have the tools, life vision and manual to make it all happen! Thank you Jon and Missy.
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Sally Morse

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I appreciate so much that the journey has been delivered in such a structure

I tend to look at my inner-self regularly, I love to take accountability for my successes and my improvements and over the years, I've learned to love myself and care about me. Although I'm a quite organized person who knows well where I want to be and from where I am, I'm so honored to have been...
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Lifebook Online

“Gave me clarity about all areas of my life.”

I have been through many different personal development programs but Lifebook challenge gave me clarity about all areas of my life.
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United States

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