"Lifebook has given me a vision towards my dream"
Lifebook Online

"Lifebook has given me a vision towards my dream"

Lifebook has given me a vision towards my dream. It directed me toward my goals and carve my path towards it.

Reshad Reza

Data Scientist, USAA

San antonio, United States

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Lifebook Online

"Lifebook has helped me refocus on the most important aspects of life, and value how fortunate I have always been."

I have always been a very positive and successful person. At this time, I am going through ALS and Lifebook has allowed me to take a fresh look at my life and what might become. It has helped me balance several aspects of my life, refocus on the most important ones, and value how fortunate ...
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Alan Whamond

Husband, Father, Entrepreneur


Lifebook Online

" It helped me to identify my limiting beliefs"

I remember hesitating for a minute before I signed up but I’ll never look back. Doing the Lifebook course is clearly the best decision I’ve made to do something fantastic for myself that will have positive, flow on effects for everyone around...
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Natasha Simons

Associate Director

Brisbane, Australia

Lifebook Online

"I literally experience a sense of joy in every moment"

As I have been getting more interested in the idea of visualization, I experienced throughout this process just how helpful the tool of visualization is to viewing the new me. As a result, as I was completing this program I was also living my future in the moment.
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Alhaji Abubakar

Mid-level Manager

United States

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