"Lifebook has certainly given me a marvelous window to my Mind, my Heart and my Body"
Lifebook Online

"Lifebook has certainly given me a marvelous window to my Mind, my Heart and my Body"

I have been a business consultant and a coach during my recent Professional years. I have countless times worked on Personal Vision and Strategic Planning with Executives of different areas and industries. Every time I prepared a workshop on these themes I normally made sure I experienced the tasks related; doing so, has brought great Insight to my own Life. Some people say, you Take and Learn more than you Will ever Teach! Additional to this opportunity to reflect upon my Life, never had I made such incredible and exhaustive job about my Own Desires and Plans. LIFEBOOK has certainly given me a marvelous window to my Mind, my Heart and my Body. I am deeply thankful to have been immensely impressed by this experience that will accompany me for the rest of my days. Thank you Ron and Missy for inspiring with your example!

Cyn Abreu

Transormation and Leadership Director

Mexico City, Mexico

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Nadia Gwampi

Technical Planner

South Africa

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