"It helped me to define my dreams"
Lifebook Online

"It helped me to define my dreams"

Before this program, I had no clear life vision. It helped me to define my dreams, thoughts, and which actions to take to make them a reality. From now on I will use this tool as a compass to guide myself in life and to light my way every time I feel lost.

Natalia Ferrero

Singer, Composer

Montevideo, Uruguay

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Lifebook Online

"I now understand that taking care of myself is not selfish nor a matter of survival only, it's about self love."

I never realized how many harmful premises I had in place that I never had chosen consciously or had acknowledged before.
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Thiffany Belda


Lifebook Online

“Gave me clarity about all areas of my life.”

I have been through many different personal development programs but Lifebook challenge gave me clarity about all areas of my life.
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United States

Lifebook Online

"I have just woken up!!"

At almost 73, I have come to realize that throughout my life I have given very little thought to my physical or mental health.  I never liked any form of exercise and have spent most of my working life sitting in an office or a car.    I have created a number of "initially" successful bu...
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Husband & Father

United Kingdom

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