"It has been a very awakening and empowering experience"
Lifebook Online

"It has been a very awakening and empowering experience"

Before joining Lifebook Online, I was feeling a little lost in life. It was almost as if life was happening to me and my role was to react as well as I could, in the circumstances. 
Like many people, I was caught up in the "hamster wheel"; working my socks off to breaking point at times, following the path that society expects and wondering what life is really all about and what it was that I was missing. 
Lifebook Online has been a truly fantastic opportunity to really reflect on all of the important aspects of my life and to give myself permission to think about what I really want in life. It has been a very awakening and empowering experience. I now feel like I have greater clarity regarding both what hasn't been working for me and what I want out of life and, more importantly, this experience has made me realize that achievement of all of those things is within my control, I have a choice! That, in itself, is very inspiring and motivational and I feel extremely excited about the next chapter in my life and the changes that I know I can bring about. 
Thank you Jon and Missy you are truly inspirational and are making a huge difference in this world!

Marie Atmeare

Facilities Manager

Cambridge, United Kingdom

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Silvia Lukovics

Private Teacher

Dunajská Streda, Slovakia

Lifebook Online

"It's one of the best decisions I've ever made"

My life has transformed completely! Putting this much conscious thought into who you are, what you do and what your Life Vision is has an amazing effect on your Quality of Life! I recommend the Lifebook program to all my family, friends and anyone who wants to shift any area of their life.
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Nancy Figueroa

United States

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"I am ready to put work into it because that's what it is about"

I enjoyed going through Lifebook with Jon. It really made me reflect on the importance of each life category. Before this journey, I knew there are ways to improve one's life, and how it's a bit of a circle that feeds itself. Jon can teach you how to connect the dots. I appreciate that he's ...
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Rafa Cano

AV Manager / Aramark

Overland Park, United States

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