"I would never imagine such a big transformation through just 6 weeks, I have spent with Lifebook"
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"I would never imagine such a big transformation through just 6 weeks, I have spent with Lifebook"

Dear Missy and Jon, 
I would like to express my gratitude for the journey you took me through. I would never imagine such a big transformation through just 6 weeks, I have spent with Lifebook. 
My health is perfect once again, I’m fit and full of energy, I sleep well and ready to do what I need to do and also very ready to do what I want to do. I never had problems with weight, maybe even a slight one - to put a bit more on:) But my health has recently dipped down and I was getting more and more into negative thoughts which of course meant to lead me to even deeper health issues. I was on the crossroad with my carrier when I started the Lifebook Quest. 
Being a self-employed film producer, I struggled so much to make the films I like and see the purpose in making them. I love my profession, it is very creative and always challenging, but there are so many fights so many for everything: to get finances to produce, to make it seen, to sell it, etc. I got to the point where I said to myself I don’t want to fight anymore, I want to do what I think is right and have a purpose for the people, but as I’m not able to get there without fights, with younger producers full of self-esteem, more aggressive in achieving their goals than me. I better do something else and live a bit calmer and more enjoyable life. I’m simply not the best anymore in producing. 
I moved from Vilnius to live in the village, renovated the house. I have a piece of land where I grow vegetables and fruits. I enjoy being close to the Nature, I enjoy the life I live, and the house I did. The pets around me give me a lot of warmth, I like caring and being with them. But even so my health and carrier were dropping low and at this point the Mindvalley emerged on my horizon. 

So what happened during these last 6 weeks. I have joined the Lifebook Quest, and also went into the Energy Medicine Quest with Donna and David Feinstein, more over I also started listening audiobook "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind" by Joseph Murphy. 
The combination of all three, I think, made my transformation so rapid that my thankfulness goes to all three directions and to Mindvalley especially, fishing me out of my privacy and inviting to join the platform. 
Now my health is perfect, I try to control my thoughts when some negative come in, I try to replace them with positive once. I thought through all 12 areas of my life and I defined my Vision, where I’m heading. That already was a big achievement and made such a huge influence on me. I also came to the idea, that I should continue my producers’ carrier only with fewer projects (one or two in a year not more), and only such which I love dearly, with nice team involved. In other words, projects which are my babies. 
Taking this path I will still be producing but with less stress and also have time for my villagers life to take care of my garden, pets and upgrading my life by reconstructing the property. I love to upgrade, reconstruct, plan and see the implementation of my visions. In the village the work results are seen quite fast comparing to the film production where the process of making the film could take from 2 to 10 or even more years. 
The results and biggest satisfaction in most cases comes with the premier. And what if after so many years there is only a very little satisfaction? It happens also, as the film business is a team business. Sometimes the big clash of personalities happens and then nevertheless if the film is good, the satisfaction is so low. So my decision is to stay within film industry, but work less in film producing, and work more on the village project. And I could write about the changes and decisions I made during this travel on LifeBook Quest in nearly every category of my life. This fact might speak for itself - before the Quest I was In Transition after - I reached the level of Extraordinary. This stormed my mind, I'm very excited to go forward.

Rasa Miškinytė

Film Producer

Village Kalnuočiai, Lithuania

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