"I was able to broaden my vision"
Lifebook Online

"I was able to broaden my vision"

Grazie a questo corso sono riuscita a ampliare la mia visione , ho le idee più chiare, ho scritto tanto nel mio lifebook e nella community, o capito i miei desideri e ora sono pronta al salto cioè al lifebook in pratica , sono aspettante di fare il passo successivo cioè materializzare le mie idee e poterle condividere con chi amo o con chi ne avrà bisogno lungo il mio cammino, vi ringrazio tanto, le lezioni erano molto ben strutturate e spiegate.



Fano, Italy

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Lifebook Online

" I have a clear vision what I want in my life categories, this vision and strategies will evolve over time"

I am Nimish, grew up in India and moved to United States in 2016 for education. Before this program I felt my life was on autopilot and had hit a rock bottom of hopelessness. I am greatful that the 1st personal development program that I went through was Lifebook and what a great decision...
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Nimish Parkhi


Raleigh, United States

Lifebook Online

"Thank you so much for bringing all the threads together!"

Thanks to this programme, which I did with my partner, we are closer and more alive in our relationship than we've ever been, have turned our health and fitness around and have created such a clear vision and structure for how we are going forwards to bring in beauty and adventure across...
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Louisa Tomlinson


Brighton, United Kingdom

Lifebook Online

"My biggest learning is - Take responsibility for yourself"

I always believed that there is no path to Happiness. Happiness is the path. However, I never dared to walk this path. ...well not until I attempted The Life book program ! Now, I not only see the path clearly, I walk it without any guilt , without any fear or hesitation and I walk it ev...
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Meenakshi Dhingra

Chief Learning Officer, MiNDESiGN

Delhi-NCR, India

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