"I'm so grateful I took this class"
Lifebook Online

"I'm so grateful I took this class"

I had been wanting for quite some time to create a life plan. So when Lifebook ads showed up in my feed I was intrigued. I was excited. I watched the videos and googled articles about it. All seemed great. I tend to be cautious and skeptical though so I too searched for anyone who'd had a "negative" experience. It seemed no one did... the worst someone had to say was "you could do this on your own." I thought, "Sure I could, but I'd rather utilize expert guidance and get it done well and efficiently." So here I am, six weeks later having a complete and beautiful Lifebook. I'm so grateful I took this class. I was forced to dive deep into each life category, examine my beliefs about each one, create a vision and a plan! I am grateful for Lifebook.

Belisa Baca

Writer & mother

Thousand Oaks, United States

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Lifebook Online

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Carol Vaughan

Clinical Hypnotherapist Counsellor Author Photographer


Lifebook Online

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Lifebook Online

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Clarice Montero

United States

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