"I hope it is obvious, that this program really has the power to change your life"
Lifebook Online

"I hope it is obvious, that this program really has the power to change your life"

Hello, I want to share a journey from anxiety to self-confidence and trust in the future. 
Before I started Lifebook online I was in a deep depression. I was suffering from anxiety and although my job is very positive and fulfilling, I couldn't find a real purpose in my life. 
Going through all the 12 categories was tough for me - I had to face my poor fitness and to question my financial and career strategies. Also, the spiritual life category was not easy, I was very, very upset with God at that time. And then the program was over, there was no magic happening, all the thoughts were sitting in my journal. 
I entered the Lifebook mastery sort of numb. Now it is two months later and I can see it. The magic really is happening! I am taking much better care of myself - exactly as I stated in my strategy for health and fitness, I am restructuring my work and feel quite optimistic. The depression has somehow diminished and I can feel a lot more balance in my life. I even started to look forward to the future, which is a giant leap for my emotional life category :-) 
And it was only thinking and writing! 
I hope it is obvious, that this program really has the power to change your life - might not be instantly, but eventually, things happen!

Peoa Denisa Tomaskova

Permaculture designer and teacher

Podebrady, Czech Republic

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